AVINAA-3A Bottled water

Sweet and Cool


AVINAA – 3A Bottled Water is produced from a groundwater source with the depth of over 200m to ensure the quality.

Groundwater is a part of a hydrological cycle which penetrates into sand and soil system underground. In the long run, groundwater resembles “clean water source” – can be used for cooking purpose.

In the relative, this water source includes higher concentration of elements (e.g. Fe, Mn, H2S, etc) than common water, so groundwater needs to be resolved before distribution and usage.

AVINAA – 3A Water products are processed through the most modern production system of ISAREL (manufactured in American) with Reverse Osmosis (RO) & Ozone method.

Especially, the application of technology allows to retain some of minerals and natural condiments in the primordial groundwater, creating the sweetness of rainwater. ONCE DRINK, FOREVER REMEMBER (only in AVINAA - 3A water).

Water will be extracted from the depth of over 200m and processed through a sophisticated and modern filtration system besides being supervised and tested in accordance with international quality standards.

AIVA water-alcohol factory is the only factory invested by Vietnamese people with 100% of equipment imported directly from the United States. These equipment and machinery are fully automated.

The diffirences of AVINAA - 3A Drinking Water


One of only 2 enterprises in Vietnam having automatic water filter production lines from the USA.


Israeli experts transferred the technology and provided training for AVIA after researching and conducting surveys about Vietnamese customers' preferences and behaviours.


Exclusive bottle design.


AVINAA – 3A Bottled water is produced from 200m-deep underground water, carrying the differences of Vietnamese flavor: sweet and fresh.

AVINAA-3A Bottled water

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